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A Tribute to the Most Awesome Cat Ever

#Latepost July 26, 2014.

13 days ago, a kitten came to our house. She looks so sick and hungry. So we decided to give her some food. We immediately become friends. She likes to spin a lot, so we called her Ollies. Everyday, she would sit on our laps, and plays with our hair. She's really smart, we don't even have to tell her to go to toilet when she wants to do her thing, she just goes there. A few days ago,

Happy Birthday Boss

Happy Birthday Boss Terbaik

Seumur-umur baru kali ini aku buat post tentang Boss, sebenernya ini bukan pertama kali nya aku kerja, ini adalah ketiga kalinya aku kerja di tempat yang berbeda, tapi aku ngerasa Beliau lah atasan aku yang paling baik. Super duper baik malahan, 3 taun aku ngabisin waktu di kantor ini sebagai Finance Accounting. 


Friday at Office

I Love this Friday, I Love Ofiice :*
its time to Selfie #Lol