A Tribute to the Most Awesome Cat Ever

#Latepost July 26, 2014.

13 days ago, a kitten came to our house. She looks so sick and hungry. So we decided to give her some food. We immediately become friends. She likes to spin a lot, so we called her Ollies. Everyday, she would sit on our laps, and plays with our hair. She's really smart, we don't even have to tell her to go to toilet when she wants to do her thing, she just goes there. A few days ago,
she seems a little strange, she doesn't run around much anymore. She'd just spend the entire day sleeping at her favorite spot. We were worried. The next day, I went to work and my husband stayed with ollies throughout the day. He kept forcing her to eat food but she always rejected. In the afternoon, i got a call from my husband. He said that Ollies started vomiting blood. I was panicked. Then I tried looking it up on the internet. I found out that one of the possible reasons was poisoning by some type of spider. We remembered a few days ago, before she starts losing her appetite. We saw spider legs on the floor. She might've eaten it. As her condition gets worse, I can only wait in panic, hoping the worst didn’t happen. And then i got a call from my husband. Unfortunately, she had passed away. By the time he bought her to the doctor, it was too late. She meowed for the last time. Looked at him, and blows her final breath.
I was so sad. But relieved at the same time. I can't imagine her pain and suffering, going through all of this. She died peacefully, with her beady eyes facing towards the sky, and a little smile on her face.
We loved her so much. Maybe it's God's way to tell us. That nothing lasts forever. We hope you hear this. You'll always be our favorite cat. We hope we can meet you again someday. Rest in peace ollies.

I Love You my Ollies, I Miss You!

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    1. kn aku udah les di LIA, jd harus belajar bahasa inggris :p


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